Simulation games can be one of many different types of simulations. What all simulations have in common is that they are more realistically modeled to real life situations and/or variables than most games. Simulation games can model a wide variety of different situations and variables, most common are:
  • Business/Trade Simulations
  • Construction Simulations
  • Life Simulations
  • Management Simulations
  • Sports Simulations
  • Vehicle Simulators and Vehicular Combat Simulators
  • War Simulations (Wargames)

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Scene It? Box Office Smash! Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2008)

Scene It? Box Office Smash is the sequel to Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action on the same platform. It is...

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2007)

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is a video game adaptation of the DVD-based party game of the same name. It...

Scene It?: Twilight Wii Front Cover
The Scent of Summer Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018)

Schiffbruch Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

Schiffbruch ("Shipwreck") is a freeware survival game where the player controls a desperate castaway trying to subsist on the resources...

DOS (1996)

Schiratti Commander is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It includes one airplane, the DC9-30 and airports for the cities...

Windows (2011), PlayStation 3 (2011), Wii (2011) and Nintendo 3DS (2011)

Schlag den Raab: Das 2. Spiel is the second game in the Schlag den Raab series based on the German...

Windows (2012), PlayStation 3 (2012) and Wii (2012)

Schlag den Raab: Das 3. Spiel is the third game based off the German TV show Schlag den Raab (Beat...

Schlag den Raab: Das Spiel iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2013), Android (2013) and iPad (2013)

Schlag den Raab: Das Spiel is the first adaptation for mobile devices of the PC games series based on the...

SchoolMate Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

Kazuki Himura has recently returned to his homeland, Kimikage Island, and transferred to Himeyuri Academy. He comes from a family...

School Tycoon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Want to run your own school? Here is your chance!This game gives you the chance to build and run your...

Sci-Fi Pinball Windows Front Cover

Windows (1999) and Macintosh (1999)

A pinball simulator with five tables based on Sci-Fi Movies. Includes Predator, Aliens, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer tables, as...

Sci-Fi Slots Browser Front Cover

Browser (2002)

As foretold in the Prophecy, the 26th century's Earth is attacked by a robot army. In order to save it...

The Scottish Open: Virtual Golf DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995), PlayStation (1995) and SEGA Saturn (1995)

In the golf simulator you are allowed to win in Scottish Open on Championship Golf Courses, including The Bowery, Kilmarney,...

Nintendo DS (2009)

Scrap Mechanic Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Scrapper Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018)

Scratch Golf Game Gear Front Cover

Game Gear (1994)

Scratch Golf is an overhead golfing sim that the player can play on two different golf courses either against three...

Screamer 4x4 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

Screamer 4x4 lets players loose on rough terrain in a range of modified off-road vehicles, ranging from the simple Land...

Commodore PET/CBM (1980)

Seabattle is a parody of Sea Battle. The game starts out with exactly the same screen as the original, but...

TRS-80 (1980) and Commodore PET/CBM (1979)

Seabattle is a strategic naval warfare game. The objective in the game is to destroy all enemy ships randomly placed...

Seabed Prelude Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Sea Dogs Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

A combination of role-playing, action, strategy and simulation reminiscent of Pirates!, Sea Dogs puts you on the bridge of a...

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own is set in 1654 in the Caribbean. You take the role of a young...

Atari ST (1989)

Sea Fisherman is a fishing simulator in which the player takes on ten of the top anglers from Britain in...

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