Simulation games can be one of many different types of simulations. What all simulations have in common is that they are more realistically modeled to real life situations and/or variables than most games. Simulation games can model a wide variety of different situations and variables, most common are:
  • Business/Trade Simulations
  • Construction Simulations
  • Life Simulations
  • Management Simulations
  • Sports Simulations
  • Vehicle Simulators and Vehicular Combat Simulators
  • War Simulations (Wargames)

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Mainframe (1966)

The third entry in the Carmonette military training simulation series expands on its predecessors by adding armed helicopter support. It...

Mainframe (1970)

The last entry in the Carmonette military training simulation series expands on its predecessors by adding modelling of night vision...

SNES (1995)

Carrier Aces is a 3rd person flight simulator that takes place during World War II. The game is also entirely...

Carrier Deck Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), iPhone (2017) and iPad (2017)

Carrier Force Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1983), Apple II (1983) and Atari 8-bit (1983)

Carrier Force is an operational level game featuring combat between American and Japanese forces in 1942. The game was later...

Carriers at War DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

Carriers at War is a remake of the original for the Apple II and Commodore 64. The game is a...

Carriers at War 1941-1945: Fleet Carrier Operations in the Pacific Apple II Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984) and Apple II (1984)

Carriers at War 1941-1945: Fleet Carrier Operations in the Pacific is a war simulation (wargame). In the game the player...

Carriers at War: Construction Kit DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993)

With Carriers At War: Construction Kit you can create your own scenarios for Carriers at War.

Carriers at War II DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993) and Macintosh (1993)

Carriers at War II: Fleet Carrier Operations in Southeast Asia 1936-1946, is the follow up to Strategic Studies Group's 1991...

Carrier Strike: South Pacific 1942-44 DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

Carrier Strike simulates naval-air battles in the South Pacific during WWII. Carrier Strike can be used to recreate historical battles...

Carry On Quizzing DVD Player Front Cover

DVD Player (2006)

Carry On Quizzing is a quiz game based on the Carry On series of films, it can be played as...

Cartels & Cutthroat$ DOS Front Cover

DOS (1985), Commodore 64 (1986) and Apple II (1981)

Cartel$ & Cutthroat$ is notable for being one of the first business sims in existence. 1-8 players compete for profit...

CART: Flag to Flag Dreamcast Front Cover

Dreamcast (1999)

Have a quick race or fight the CART championship in this officially-licensed racing game. It features 19 accurately-modeled tracks including...

CART Racing DOS Front Cover

DOS (1997) and Windows (1997)

CART Racing (short for Championship Auto Racing Teams) is a re-release of IndyCar Racing II, with Windows 95 Rendition 3D...

Car Tycoon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Car Tycoon is a manager game in which you are the owner of a car company that produces and sells...

Amiga (1991)

Cash is a managerial simulation of a shipping agency. Six players (either human or AI) compete to gather the biggest...

DOS (1991)

Casino is a destructive computer virus, which is somewhat more sporting than its typical data-destroying brethren. If the infected file...

Casino iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2017) and iPad (2017)

DOS (1993)

This compilation contains the following games: Slot Jack The Executive Edition Of Video Craps Slot Poker Diamond Roulette Executive EditionSlot...

Casino Challenge PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2003)

Casino Challenge is a single player compilation of mini casino games.The player starts a game with £100 stake money and...

Casino De Luxe Windows 3.x Front Cover

Windows 3.x (1995)

Play many Casino games in a realistic looking Casino. Lose all your money in Las Vegas without really losing it....

Casino Games DOS Front Cover

DOS (1982)

This must be one of the first commercial casino games for PC.Play blackjack, slots and poker in ASCII graphics.

Casino Games SEGA Master System Front Cover

SEGA Master System (1989)

In Casino Games the player can visit a Casino with $500 in the pocket where they spend it on casino...

Casino Games CDTV Front Cover

CDTV (1992)

This game offers playable video game conversions of the casino table game Roulette, a slot machine called Fruitmania and a...

Casino Games For Windows Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

Casino Games For Windows is a collection of shareware games published as part of Idigicon's Family Fun series.The games are...

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