Strategy/Tactics games revolve around strategic and/or tactical usage of resources often in combat or managerial scenarios.
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Mainframe (1966)

The third entry in the Carmonette military training simulation series expands on its predecessors by adding armed helicopter support. It...

Mainframe (1970)

The last entry in the Carmonette military training simulation series expands on its predecessors by adding modelling of night vision...

Carnage Heart PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1995)

in 2073, giant companies are battling on the moons of Jupiter to extract their resources. In this complex strategy game,...

Carnage Heart: EXA PSP Front Cover

PSP (2013) and PS Vita (2013)

Carnage Heart EZ: Easy Zapping PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1997)

Carnage Heart EZ is an updated version of the original game. While the focus of the game remains on programming...

Carom3D Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

Carom 3D is an online multi-user Billiard game. Play online against players from around the world, one on one or...

Atari ST (1989)

Carrier Attack is a BattleShip game for one player written in STOS. Both players have 10 ships: 2 carriers, 2...

Carrier Command DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989), Amiga (1988), Atari ST (1988), Commodore 64 (1989), ZX Spectrum (1989), Amstrad CPC (1989) and Macintosh (1990)

Carrier Command was one of the first real-time strategy games.You control an advanced cybernetic aircraft carrier complete with fighters, amphibious...

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012) and Xbox 360 (2012)

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is the successor of Carrier Command and shares the basic mix of strategy and action. The...

Windows (2012) and Xbox 360 (2012)

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (Demo Version) is the demo version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and features two exclusive missions...

Carrier Force Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1983), Apple II (1983) and Atari 8-bit (1983)

Carrier Force is an operational level game featuring combat between American and Japanese forces in 1942. The game was later...

Carriers at War DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

Carriers at War is a remake of the original for the Apple II and Commodore 64. The game is a...

Carriers at War 1941-1945: Fleet Carrier Operations in the Pacific Apple II Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984) and Apple II (1984)

Carriers at War 1941-1945: Fleet Carrier Operations in the Pacific is a war simulation (wargame). In the game the player...

Carriers at War: Construction Kit DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993)

With Carriers At War: Construction Kit you can create your own scenarios for Carriers at War.

Carriers at War II DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993) and Macintosh (1993)

Carriers at War II: Fleet Carrier Operations in Southeast Asia 1936-1946, is the follow up to Strategic Studies Group's 1991...

Carrier Strike: South Pacific 1942-44 DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

Carrier Strike simulates naval-air battles in the South Pacific during WWII. Carrier Strike can be used to recreate historical battles...

Carrot Track Browser Front Cover

Browser (2010)

In this game, a rabbit hops upward along a top-down meadow, criss-crossed by the fixed paths of menacing puppy dogs,...

Cartels & Cutthroat$ DOS Front Cover

DOS (1985), Commodore 64 (1986) and Apple II (1981)

Cartel$ & Cutthroat$ is notable for being one of the first business sims in existence. 1-8 players compete for profit...

Carthage Amiga Front Cover

Amiga (1990) and Atari ST (1990)

Defending the ancient Carthagean Empire from Roman invasion is your challenge in this arcade-strategy fusion.Your armies can be supported by...

Cartoon Network Power Pack Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

Cartoon Network Power Pack is a compilation of games and cartoons. This product comes on two double sided DVDs and...

Cartoon Wars iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2009) and Android (2012)

Cartoon Wars is a strategy / tower defense game with an army of stick figures where the player sends out...

Cascade Genesis Front Cover

Genesis (2015)

The popular dice-puzzle game Cascade originated on the planet Cascadia, and it is on this planet where the most intense...

Amiga (1991)

Cash is a managerial simulation of a shipping agency. Six players (either human or AI) compete to gather the biggest...

Cashsquare iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2013)

Casino Atari 2600 Front Cover

Atari 2600 (1978)

This is three card games.Blackjack In game one, you play Blackjack with one or two players and allows for splitting....

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