These games use a top-down view, also called an overhead view or a helicopter view. A top-down view is strict and cannot have any angle at all.
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Lunar Command DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993)

Lunar Command is the updated version of Moonbase, a Lunar Colony Simulator where you have to supply the oxygen, water,...

Lunar: Eternal Blue SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1994)

This is the original version of the second title in Lunar series.The events of the game take place hundred years...

Lunar Knights Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2007)

Many years into the future, a race of vampires have emerged, plunging planet Earth into darkness with an environmental control...

Game Boy (1990)

Lunar Lander is a space exploration game based around three separate stages:Lift-off: Fly your space shuttle into outer space by...

Lunar: Legend Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2002)

Lunar Legend is a version of Lunar: The Silver Star, which contains some of the changes introduced in its remake,...

Lunar Pool NES Front Cover

NES (1985), MSX (1985), Wii (2007), PC-88 (1985) and Arcade (1987)

Lunar Ball is a futuristic pool simulation with space age balls and tables. There are 32 different tables set ups...

Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen SEGA Saturn Front Cover

SEGA Saturn (1997) and Game Gear (1996)

This is a side-story, set in the same world as the famous Lunar RPGs: Silver Star and Eternal Blue. The...

Lunar: The Silver Star SEGA CD Front Cover Also a manual

SEGA CD (1992)

The hero of Lunar: The Silver Star is Alex, a young boy whose ideal is the great warrior of the...

PC-98 (1993)

A long time ago, humans possessed unique power, that allowed them to create wonderful things and to build a highly...

PC-98 (1994) and FM Towns (1994)

Like other Lunatic Dawn games, Lunatic Dawn II is, despite its Japanese origins, an exploration-oriented Western-style RPG. There is no...

Lupinball Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2017) and Macintosh (2017)

Lux Windows Front Cover

Linux (2004), Windows (2004) and Macintosh (2002)

Lux is a turn-based strategy game that is heavily based on the board game Risk. Starting from a map divided...

Luxor Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2005), BREW (2006), J2ME (2006), Macintosh (2005), iPhone (2009), iPad (2010) and Nintendo 3DS (2013)

In Luxor, you journey through Egypt while battling Set to help Isis save the land.A level in Luxor consists of...

Luxor 2 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006), J2ME (2007), Xbox 360 (2007), Macintosh (2007), iPhone (2011) and iPad (2011)

Luxor 2, the sequel to Luxor, is an arcade style action-puzzle game. You control a winged scarab at the bottom...

Luxor 2 HD Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013)

Luxor 3 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007), Macintosh (2009) and Wii (2009)

Luxor 3 is the sequel of Luxor 2, a marble shooter game. The player controls a winged scarab at the...

Luxor: 5th Passage Macintosh Front Cover
Luxor: Adventures Windows Front Cover

Windows (2009)

John Swift and Jane Graham are two adventurers sponsored by a millionaire called Cain Hisster to search for a powerful...

Luxor: Amun Rising Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005), Macintosh (2005), iPhone (2011) and iPad (2011)

Luxor: Amun Rising, the sequel to Luxor, is an arcade style action-puzzle game. The player goes on an adventure, travelling...

Luxor: Amun Rising HD Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012)

Luxor Evolved Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012), iPhone (2012) and iPad (2012)

Luxor HD Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015)

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife is another entry in MumboJumbo's line of marble poppers with Egyptian themes. The gameplay remains...

Luxor: The Wrath of Set PSP Front Cover

PSP (2006)

Luxor: The Wrath of Set is the PSP adaptation of the two previous Luxor games. In this puzzle game, the...

Lynx Casino Lynx Front Cover

Lynx (1992)

This game is a collection of casino games which are accessed by moving the player around the casino and selecting...

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