Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Video Backdrop


Denotes any action game based on interacting with a motion-video backdrop, either as scenery or as an enemy. Examples: Rebel Assault, Novastorm, etc.
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DOS (1994)

This collector's edition includes: Microcosm Psygnotic Soundtrax Vol.1 Audio CD Microcosm T-Shirt

Moderngroove: Ministry of Sound Edition PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2001)

Moderngroove: Ministry of Sound Edition is 5 hours of brand-new electronica music from Europe's leading DJs along with thousands of...

Arcade (2010)

Ninja Shadow Warrior is a photo-booth game where the player assumes the role of a ninja in a palace under...

Novastorm DOS Front Cover

DOS (1994), PlayStation (1995), SEGA CD (1994), 3DO (1994) and FM Towns (1993)

In the distant future humans have left Earth, carrying its ecosystem with them. However, the journey to the stars lasted...

Windows (1995) and Windows 3.x (1995)

Command 40 actors (Live Actors filmed/photographed and put into the game) on over 100 sets with more than 300 props...

Prize Fighter SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1993)

Prize Fighter is a FMV boxing game which puts the player in the body of a boxer known as "The...

Psycho Killer DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993) and CDTV (1992)

One of the plethora of multimedia video-streaming games that came out upon the advent of the CD-drive, Psycho Killer casts...

Quarterback Attack SEGA Saturn Front Cover

DOS (1996), SEGA Saturn (1995) and 3DO (1995)

In this semi-fmv game you play a rookie facing his first game as starting quarterback on a fictional team, and...

The Raven Project DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995) and PlayStation (1996)

Sci-fi shooter with gameplay similar to the Rebel Assault series. Divided into missions, you get to play in ship-to-ship combat,...

Rebel Assault & X-Wing Collector's CD DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996)

A Special collectors double pack featuring X-Wing & Rebel Assault.

Rummel & Rabalder: Dr. Franks Mask Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

The safe cracker Lady steal Doctor Frank's mask and the detectives Rummel and Rabalder are hired to get the mask...

Sewer Shark SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1992) and 3DO (1994)

In the future, maybe in the year 2000, people will be forced to move underground and live in tunnels. Unfortunately,...

Silpheed SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1993)

Silpheed for the Sega CD is a shoot-'em-up sequel to the PC title of the same name. Gameplay is similar:...

Space Pirates DOS Front Cover

DOS (1994), Windows (2008), 3DO (1994) and Arcade (1992)

Another in the series of slugfest games by American Laser Games is Space Pirates. While it resembles The Last Bounty...

Star Wars: Rebel Assault DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993), SEGA CD (1994), 3DO (1994) and Macintosh (1993)

You play a Rebel space cadet and have various missions to complete: Flying starships, destroying Walkers, infiltrating an enemy base...

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995), Windows (1995), PlayStation (1996) and Macintosh (1995)

Following his successes for the Rebel Alliance in the previous game, the adventures of the starfighter pilot "Rookie One" continue....

Surgical Strike SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1995) and SEGA 32X (1995)

A Middle Eastern madman has begun launching rockets against innocent civilian population centers. The United Nations has deemed this behavior...

Tetsuo Gaiden CD-i Front Cover

CD-i (1997)

Tetsuo Gaiden is a shoot 'em up in the style of Galaga. The player controls a small spaceship at the...

CD-i (1995)

Thumbelina is an interactive telling of the story by Hans Christian Andersen. It features video fragments and stills from the...

Thunder in Paradise Interactive CD-i Front Cover

DOS (1995) and CD-i (1995)

Thunder in Paradise is an interactive movie starring R.J. (Terry "Hulk" Hogan), Spence ("Hurricane" Spencer) and Martin "Bru" Brubaker (Chris...

Tomcat Alley Windows Front Cover

Windows (1995) and SEGA CD (1994)

Tomcat Alley is one of the last of Sega's TruVideo games for the SegaCD, featuring you and your F-14 Tomcat...

SEGA CD (1994)

Although the package appears to be a compilation, this is the first and only release of Ultraverse Prime. Since it...

Vid Grid Jaguar Front Cover

Jaguar (1995)

Vid Grid is a simple puzzle game that takes place on music video backdrops. Your goal is to re-arrange the...

Wetlands DOS Front Cover without sticker

DOS (1995)

This game is very like Cyberia; the moving path is predictable, and all you have to do is shoot at...

Wirehead SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1995)

Wirehead has the player controlling Ned Hubbard, a man with a wireless controller implanted in his brain, via the joypad.The...

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