Wargames are military simulation games. Most wargames revolve around a single war, campaign or battle in which the player can play out various what-if scenarios by trying out different tactics and/or strategies.
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1775: Rebellion Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact is a turn-based grand strategy game, following an alternative timeline after Stalin's death about a...

50 Mission Crush DOS Front Cover

DOS (1986), Commodore 64 (1984), Apple II (1984) and Atari 8-bit (1984)

50 Mission Crush is a simulation game that puts you into the cockpit of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber during...

Afghanistan '11 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017) and iPad (2017)

Alea Jacta Est Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

A Line in the Sand DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

A Line the Sand is a conversion of the board war game by TSR of the same name.It depicts a...

Allied General Windows Front Cover

Windows (1995), Windows 3.x (1995), PlayStation (1997) and Macintosh (1995)

Allied General is the sequel to Panzer General and uses the same turn-based gameplay mechanics. This time the player experiences...

The Ancient Art of War at Sea DOS Front Cover

DOS (1987), Apple II (1987), Macintosh (1988) and PC-98 (1988)

The Ancient Art of War at Sea is the sequel to the Ancient Art of War, where the battle campaigns...

The Ancient Art of War in the Skies DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992), Amiga (1993) and Atari ST (1993)

After naval combat, the second sequel to The Ancient Art of War is all about aircraft combat in World War...

The Ancient Art of War DOS Front Cover

DOS (1984), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), Apple II (1984), Amstrad CPC (1990), Macintosh (1985), PC-88 (1986) and PC-98 (1987)

The Ancient Art of War is a real-time strategy game based on the very basic elements of war: unit types,...

Armor Clash RTS Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Assault on Arnhem Macintosh Front Cover
B-24 Commodore 64 Front Cover

DOS (1987), Commodore 64 (1987) and Apple II (1987)

A simulation of WW2 air-warfare in which the player flies a B-24 as part of the 460th Bomber Group missions...

Battle 1917 ZX Spectrum Front Cover

ZX Spectrum (1983), BBC Micro (1983) and Electron (1984)

Battle 1917 is a turn-based strategy game for one or two players. The game background is World War I with...

Battle Fleet Commander II Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Battlefleet Commander II is a BattleShip variant. Two players place their fleet on the playing field. Available are the German...

ZX Spectrum ()

Battle for the Isle II is a turn-base tactical strategy game, similar to Panzer General or V for Victory. The...

Battle Group Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1986) and Apple II (1986)

Battle Group is the sister game to Kampfgruppe but covers platoon level tactical combat on the Western Front from 1943-1945....

Battle Islands: Commanders Windows Front Cover
Battle of Antietam DOS Front Cover

DOS (1986), Commodore 64 (1985), Apple II (1985) and Atari 8-bit (1985)

Battle of Antietam is a grand tactical simulation of the bloodiest day of the Civil War at the little town...

Battle of the Bulge Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2015), Macintosh (2015), iPhone (2013), iPad (2012), PlayStation 4 (2017) and Xbox One (2017)

Battle of the Bulge is a turn-based wargame simulating a World War II battle at the Ardennes from December 16,...

Bomb Alley Apple II Front Cover

Apple II (1982)

Bomb Alley is an operational level wargame built upon improved engine from Guadalcanal Campaign. It focuses on the battles between...

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1984)

A bomber flies from left to right. When the bomber leaves the right end of the screen, it will appear...

Cannon Crasha Android Front Cover

Macintosh (2014), iPhone (2013), Android (2014) and iPad (2013)

Mainframe (1953)

Carmonette (Combined ARms Computer MOdel) is an early Monte Carlo combat simulation used by the US military. It modelled combat...

Mainframe (1960)

Carmonette II is the successor to Carmonette. It expanded on its predecessor by including the modelling of infantry units in...

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