Birthday Release, (March 28th, 2001)

Extended Platform Support MobyGames has expanded it's support to include non-PC gaming platforms. New platforms that are supported in this release are Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64. There are many other features in this release that are related to the Extended Platform Support. In the future, it's likely that we will expand the scope of the platforms supported.

We've taken every effort to provide our users with access to the information in the way they want it. That is why MobyGames has been broken down into six logical websites that will filter out information that you may not be interested in. Below is a list of the different sites, and a brief description of each. - This is the main site and has information about all games for all platforms. If you use this site, nothing will be filtered from you, you will see every single piece of information available in our database. - The PC version of MobyGames, only presents you with information about PC games. - The Dreamcast version of MobyGames, only presents you with information about Dreamcast games. - The Playstation version of MobyGames, only presents you with information about Playstation games. - The Playstation 2 version of MobyGames, only presents you with information about Playstation 2 games. - The Nintendo 64 version of MobyGames, only presents you with information about Nintendo 64 games.

You can go directly to any of these sites by following one of the links on the left hand side of this and other pages.

Poll Wizard Registered users now have the ability to add polls to the system. You can add a poll via this link, or by going to the Contribution page.

Featured Game Wizard Featured games can now also be contributed by our registered users via the Contribution page, or via the Featured Game Wizard.

Themes Currently, MobyGames supports two different looks, MobyClassic and MobyDark. You can change your selected theme via the account preferences page. Up until now, there was no way for our users to create and sumbit Themes. However, with the addition of the six new logical websites described above, we want to expand the number of Themes to give the different sites slightly looks. Currently, they all will appear the same, but we are hoping that some of our more artistic and dedicated users will help change that. If you are famaliar with creating style sheets, and have an eye for site design, you might want to give the theme editor a whirl.

Multi-Platform Developer Credits Credits have been enhanced to allow tracking of credits for any given platform a game was released for. For example, the credits for a DOS version of a game and a Windows version may be different, but up until now, there was no way to document this information.

Multi-Platform Company Credits Like developer credits, you couldn't specify which company published a particular release of a game for a given platform. Even within the PC realm, there are different developers and publisher among the different PC platforms. Take a look at Civ CTP, to see what I'm talking about. The Linux release was published by Loki and the Windows release was published by Activision.

Game Version History Games can now have multiple release dates associated with them. Release dates have also been expanded to optionally include Month and Day in addition to comments about the version. Games are often released at different times for different platforms, and many games are released more than once for the same platform. With this new feature, we have the ability to more accuratly track a games release history.

Alternate Company Names We have expanded the information that we collect about companies. Alternate names of companies are intended to document names which a company has gone by in the past, or common variations that are used in addition to the official company name; for example, EA is a common term used for Electronic Arts. Alternate company names can be contributed from a Company Rap sheet.

Game Ad Blurbs Games can now have multiple Ad Blurbs, and they can be contributed by any registered user. Contributed Ad Blurbs are worth 1 point each.

Collector Features The list capibilities have been expanded to include want lists in addition to have lists.