Release Notes

Improved Searching The MobyGames search engine now searches on game attributes. Any sort of game attribute that is tracked can be searched, including things like ESRB and MCGA.

Improved Attribute Rap Sheets Attribute Rap sheets have been updated to allow viewing by platform and have incorporated the new Game Listing object. Take a look at the ESRB Teen rap sheet for an example of the improvements.

Updated Credits Interface The interface for entering credits has been streamlined some more. Entering groups has now been moved to the first step of the process. Entering the groups first prevent additional work later in the process. Also, the ability to make corrections to previous credit submissions has been added. If there are incorrect credits, you can delete them and add the correct credit. Once your submission is approved, the incorrect credit will be deleted from the database and the correct one added.

Improved Listings We've updated interface and visual appearence (and fixed a few bugs) for things displayed in lists. You'll notice that there are better page numbers and an index that allows you to jump to the page you want, based on the column that is sorted. Take a look at recent game changes and you'll see the 'Change Date' index near the top. Any page that uses this game listing object will have these improvements. Also, the default number of items displayed on a page has been increased from 15 to 25. You can change the default number of items displayed on a page from your account preferences.

Updated Game Brower The game browser has been enhanced to allow you to view all of the games within a selected category, instead of only viewing the most popular 250 games.

New Privacy Option We've added a new privacy option for registered users. You can now choose to have your email address private, public or have it obfuscated to help reduce the chance that a spam spider might grab your address off of our site. Previously, the only options were public and private. Visit your account preferences page to update your preference.

and finally lots of little bug fixes and improvements you might or might not notice.