Rumble for SIXAXIS ?
After considering rumble a last gen feature and impractical with the motion sensors of the SIXAXIS, Sony backtracks and signs a deal with Immersion, holders of the patent allegedly violated by Sony in their DualShock line.

While it's not clear where will the licensing come into use, it's very easy to believe that the SIXAXIS will have rumble sooner or later: Immersion CEO Victor Viegas says that the companies "new business agreement with Sony is specifically intended to enable advanced vibration capability for the benefit of the PlayStation community".

Sony consistently made PR errors constantly before and after the launch of the PS3. While the rumble feature (which some say is overrated) would add to the features of the controller, isn't this it yet another mishap by Sony after claiming rumble would mess with the motion sensors?
Submitted by Luis Silva (13621) on Mar 02, 20073 comments