MobyGames News
We encountered a show-stopping bug that caused Moby to freak out: PostgreSQL suddenly gobbled up all the shared memory and couldn't allocate any more. We've restarted PostgreSQL to fix this, but are looking for a permanent fix.

Completely unrelated to the above event, we've decided to change the focus of MobyGames: It was initially decided that we would try to document and catalog all gaming platforms, but since several other projects are underway that are already doing that, we have decided to stay focused on PC games only for the next few years. MobyGames is already built to handle extreme detail when it comes to PC games, covering all sorts of details, from sound cards to system requirements. No other gaming documentation project matches the detail of MobyGames, so we're going to stay focused on quality vs. quantity.

Along that line, we're pleased to announce some features in development that we'll move to production soon in the coming weeks:

  • Multiple box covers for a single game, for multiple and/or European releases, and inside covers
  • User-contributed box covers
  • User-contributed screenshots
  • Proper organization of not only Publisher and Developer, but also Distributor and PC Conversion (and anything else a company did)
  • Other types of media storage, like music/sound clips and MPEG videos

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email [email protected].

Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Mar 12, 1999