MobyGames News
We're extremely proud to announce the new "front-page" of MobyGames--a much more useful browser interface as the database gets larger. The "top ten" companies, genres, and years appear right at the front.

Minor updates also include some behind-the-scenes changes, like automatically notifying people when their entires have been approved (make sure your email address is correct in your user account information).

On a final note, we've passed the 100 mark! There are now 100 entries in the database. This may seem like a rediculously small number, but if you consider that they were added by hand and that they're good, quality entries, it seems better than other sites that just catalog title, year, publisher, and genre. Also, if we keep averaging 100 entries every two months, we'll be up to 900 entries by the end of the year. (Of course, I haven't even mentioned the bulk-loading facilities we're working on, as well as the ability for you to maintain your own lists... muahhahaha...)

Submitted by Trixter (9128) on May 08, 1999