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We've had a couple of questions regarding the new review approval system (probably because we forgot to include it in the release notes -- oops!), so here's what changed:

  • Reviews are, for the most part, still worth two contribution points.
  • Reviews that just barely meet the minimum requirements of a review (at least two full sentences in at least one section) or reviews that don't explain the author's point of view well will get one point.
  • Reviews that fully explain the author's view, are verbose while still being relevant, or otherwise simply kick ass, will get three points.

The number of points you get for a review are shown in the email you receive when that review is approved.

We've also been seeing this recently: Games that "support" Windows 95 and higher even though the games were released in 1994 or earlier. Needless to say, we're automatically correcting these entries :-)
Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Mar 21, 2000