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Corn Popper writes, "Anyone that used to submit any covers that were taken from other websites, you should put in a cover correction for each game cover you submitted or scan an actual cover and submit it as a replacement.

Also, those of you who have submitted covers from countries other than the US and did not note this in your cover submission, could you submit a correction if the country is not noted or is listed incorrectly. This just ensures that MobyGames has the most accurate information.

If you ever submitted covers for a game and did not submit the front cover because there was one already on file, well, that front cover might not be there now. Many of the front cover submissions have been removed. So go and check out the site... there are points to be had.

If you have recently received notification that you had a cover rejected and need further explanation as to why it was rejected or want to disbute the rejection then you can email [email protected]"

Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Apr 13, 2003