MobyGames now documents browser games
After a long wait the site now fully supports browser games. These are games meant to be played through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Originally considered a gimmick, the attention for these games has soared as technology caught up. Many of these titles are ingenious, highly polished and offer fascinating gameplay. MobyGames is one of the few sites that will now document these as a part of electronic gaming history, as they are far more than trivial entertainment, broadening our reach to an incredible amount of new titles that can now be added to the site.

Although currently listed under the category "personal computers", these games are in fact platform independent. Many of these can be played on a Windows PC, but also on a PSP or Wii. Some of the technologies currently supported are ActiveX, ASP, DHTML, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shockwave, Silverlight, Unity, VBScript. Games that require to be installed on the hard drive and are then played through a browser window are not considered browser games and should go in the regular Windows/Mac/Linux sections.

Gentlemen, fire up your contribution engines and let us now if certain tech specs need to be fleshed out further. A few other platforms (mostly older ones) are coming up as well.
Submitted by Sciere (502176) on Jun 30, 200829 comments