Spectravideo is now a supported platform
Through a lot of legwork by our resident vintage gamer Игги Друге, MobyGames now supports Spectravideo as a new platform. The computer was launched in 1983 and did no make it out of the eighties. The company behind it originally started making games for the Atari 2600 and VIC-20, but later decided to create their own hardware.

Later versions of the hardware were made compliant with MSX and even the ColecoVision, until the name and the brand were eventually sold in 1988, and continued in an unrelated context. The initial approvers will be Игги Друге, Servo and Martin Smith, along with the admin team. Some of the tech specs may need to be fleshed out some more, so take it slow in the beginning.

There are many more platforms that will be implemented in the future, but we need to adjust the pace according to the state of the queues. More information about the system and emulating the platform can be found here.
Submitted by Sciere (501935) on Aug 23, 20086 comments