MobyGames News
I've put out a minor update to MobyGames, and I wanted to share what's changed with the recent release. Here's a brief summary.

Changes to release information:

  • Comments can be entered for release information

  • Patches can only be entered for platforms which have patches released

Other changes:

Various bug fixes:
  • game rating page sometimes displayed incorrect number of votes

  • the first year a game was published was sometimes incorrectly displayed in various places (company sheet, developer sheet, etc)

  • clicking the finish button when submitting cover/package scans didn't take you to the finished page.

  • new credits show up in the recently modified game page.

  • various formatting fixes for the Opera and Safari browsers.

  • small other fixes

Oh yeah vote for MobyGames at the Webby Awards. :)
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10087) on Apr 15, 2003