MobyGames News
Congratulations goes to Pix, who entered our 2000th entry Wings of Glory, a forgotten Origin WW1 flight sim that used the same 3-D engine as Strike Commander and Pacific Strike. (Seems as if that engine kept going back in time, eh?)

Another sign of MobyGames' success? When dedicated users are contributing entries to the database -- and good ones at that -- for games that I personally have bid on and purchased specifically to enter into the database myself! I was "beaten to the punch" three times tonight during approvals (Wings of Glory, Clandestiny, and UFO), which is ironic on several levels.

Which reminds me: I have some more games to add to the Game Giveaway soon, so watch News for the announcement that I've updated that area. Stay tuned.
Submitted by Trixter (9127) on Aug 13, 2000