MobyGames News
It sure has been quiet lately, hasn't it? There are strange and mysterious forces moving beneath MobyGames that we are intentionally not reporting until things settle down. That's our excuse for the lack of communication and approvals, and we're sticking to it! ;-)

But seriously, there are some major structural changes happening, a new feature article is almost ready, and Brian started work on a new community feature that I'm sure you'll enjoy. As always, stay tuned. (And I should get back to approvals in 24 hours.)

PS: Keep those typos and corrections coming, as we do read and hold onto every one you send us. They don't get fixed right away because we're working on adding more features instead, but trust me, they'll get implemented. More changes in the works include a slight rewording of the software have/want lists to match the official MobyScale specification of grading software collectable conditions (more on this later), and other niggly bits.
Submitted by Trixter (9130) on Sep 13, 2000