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It's true: I've gone over to the dark side. I've temporarily set aside my oldskool gaming boxes to build MadFast, my 1GHz Athelon Thunderbird gaming machine. While my GeForce II GTS hasn't arrived yet, my venerable old TNT is chugging along inside this box, doing its best to keep up with the firehose of data the Thunderbird is shoving down its throat. Oh, and 256 MB of 133MHz CAS2 RAM doesn't hurt either.

That's my excuse why approvals have been nearly dead for the last week, and I'm sticking to it! But what you didn't know is that my previous machine of 3.5 years (a Pentium Pro) had developed Microsoft Cancer(tm) and had slowed/bugged to the point of complete non-functionality (unless you consider locking up every 12 minutes functional). So blame that if you have to, or Microsoft. Just don't blame me. :-)
Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Oct 09, 2000