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I've been noticing in the last few weeks that people are contributing more entries to the database -- that's great! I've also noticed that many of the entries are skimping on the descriptions -- that's bad. As a historical reference, MobyGames prides itself (okay, we pride ourselves) in being as accurate as possible, and it doesn't help future generations when the very essence of the entry is vague. I am personally familiar with about 10,000 PC games, but I have some noticable holes in my knowledge -- like strategy games and wargames, for instance. I can't embellish such entries if I'm not familiar with the game.

I used the word "generations" intentionally. Of course we expect this information to last forever! Wouldn't it be cool if people hundreds of years from now were reading the entries of this database? How frustrated would they be to read the description of a game long gone only to be unable to determine what the heck the game was about?
Submitted by Trixter (9128) on Dec 09, 2000