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Ace2K was jabbing me about the lack of regular Feature Articles (we were bi-monthly for a while until, oh, 10 months ago), and mentioned that maybe it should be possible for users to contribute their own feature articles.

But you can! And nobody knows it! I guess we never advertised this fact, so I'm doing it now:

Users can contribute feature articles at any time on any subject, as long as that subject is related to computers and game playing. You can write about anything you want; see our previous feature articles for ideas. Here's some article ideas off of the top of my head:

  • Is there a cancerous boil on the side of the industry that you want to warn people about? (No, I'm not talking about Abandonware :-)
  • Is there a game that is so incredible, so perfect, so ahead of its time, so finely honed and crafted, that you want the entire world to know about it and all of its facets?
  • Have you written an entire game strategy guide for a game that you feel others can benefit from? (Hint: Doesn't have to be a new, modern game)

We can't pay money, but you'll get your name attached to it and a referencable URL, so it can be attached to an on-line resume if you want to toot your own horn. And we'll grant you anywhere from 50 to 500 contribution points based on the length, relevancy, and quality of the article you submit. You can write it in anything you want to, meaning that you can use Microsoft Word if you feel like it. (I use VI, personally.) Minimal HTML markup is okay.

Some more feature articles are already in the works; I'm working on one dedicated to Silpheed similar to the one I wrote about Wasteland. The crazy Gabel brothers are working on one that features the best obscure game music (we'll have multimedia goodness attached to that one). So come on: email us at [email protected] to get the ball rolling!
Submitted by Trixter (9128) on Dec 23, 2000