MobyGames News
To start the year off with a bit of fun, we'd like to announce our Half-Life: Counter-Strike server, listed under the name " CS 1.0 Server" in your favorite WON or GameSpy listing. Located on the same backbone as the MobyGames infrastructure, you should be able to get decent ping times from most corners of the western hemisphere; one Swedish friend of mine said he got a 150ms ping time, just as good as the servers he had access to in Sweden!.

I'm usually on it myself between 9pm and 11pm CST (-6 GMT), so if you want to serve me my ass on a platter during that time, you're welcome to try. ;-)

As with MobyGames itself, please report all cases of abuse you see on the MobyGames Counter-Strike server. We will deal swift and harsh punishment to all offenders. :-)
Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Jan 02, 2001