MobyGames News
In our quest to find an ad network that doesn't suck we've dropped Adtegrity and ValueAd. Adtegrity kept serving pop up ads or even worse tried to install virusware like gator on our users machines. They kept giving us lip service that they would not serve those types of ads but never did cease their despicable business practices. In the case of ValueAd they just never paid us. To that end we've changed our privacy policy to reflect the change in ad networks. To those of you who run a website and are looking for an ad network do not use either of these companies. They are incompetent or worse just plain liars. In other advertising news we've turned off pop ups for non registered users. For a while we would serve pop ups to non registered MobyUsers. Brian, Jim and I felt the money wasn't worth the aggravation to the people who make MobyGames great ... you. If you love MobyGames and want to help defray some of the costs you can make a donation here. No matter the size of the donation you will get a bronze star ( ) next to your name. Lastly we signed up a new ad network. Hopefully Burst Media! will be better than those other crooks or we'll throw them on the heap of losers as well. Have a great weekend.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Apr 18, 2003