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We've received a fairly high number of emails criticizing us yet again for our Game of the Week selection. :-) This time, people have an issue with the text "...which not only debuted over a year before Doom but had a better 3D engine as well". A lot of people thought that Ultima Underworld's engine was a modified Wolfenstein 3D engine. It's not. Ultima Underworld's engine is a full 6-degrees-of-freedom engine, like Descent. You could just as well play a primitive version of Descent with UU's engine (which is exactly what happens in System Shock, which uses the same engine and is of course impossible with Doom's engine). You can go up slopes, go under bridges, look in any direction you want to, etc.

Just setting the record straight. :-) Yet another reason why Blue Sky Productions -- AKA Looking Glass Studios -- was way ahead of its time.
Submitted by Trixter (9128) on Jan 11, 2001