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Well some of you have noticed that we started taking donations. Jeeze how greedy can you guys get? I know. I know. MobyGames used to be able to support itself just on ad impressions alone. However the bottom dropped out of the ad market and this is no longer the case. We've had to become a little bit creative in how we get revenue to pay our bandwidth charges. We're doing everything we can so we don't have to do the real obnoxious stuff like pop up ads and casino type stuff. If you feel like supporting MobyGames financially drop by the Friends of Moby page. Everyone who donates get a bronze star ( ) next to their name so all other MobyGames users know you are a contributing member. If you are broke or plain just don't want to, no problem. We are happy you are here anyway.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Apr 13, 2001