MobyGames News
And the good news just keeps on coming: I'm proud to unveil the interview I had with Macrocom's founders, Neal White III and Rand E. Bohrer, that talks all about their unconventional and ahead-of-their-time games ICON: Quest for the Ring and The Seven Spirits of Ra. You can read the entire interview by clicking on the words Full Article in the Feature Article sidebar on the right-hand side of this page.

On another note, someone asked me if it was okay if they captured some console screenshots with a video capture card and uploaded them. Is it okay? Hell, it's encouraged. Even cheap capture cards like the Hauppage WinTV series can capture decent stills at 640x480, so feel free to capture some, compress them to JPEGs, and contribute them to their respective MobyGames game entries. Anyone requiring an example of this can wait until Tuesday morning, when I plan to enter the full entry of Soul Caliber (as per Dave's challenge) if someone else hasn't done it yet.
Submitted by Trixter (9128) on May 14, 2001