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Our good friends at still haven't deleted the data they stole from us. Compare;

I sent an email to their CEO Alexander Loginov and here is his response;

The parts of the base are deleted, but the "MobyGames TM Copyright © 1999-2003", doesn't mean anything in international law. We have a good consultation with our lawyer and he told us that you can't do anything against us. Also we could make the mirrors of your base and kill your site at one snap. We could make you run out of money by covering your base in better design and make it's more user friendly. BUT I'M IN GOOD MOOD TODAY. Even the devil could smile sometimes. So live on and sleep well. The code of your base is not there anymore. Bye, see you in afterlife. GOODBYE KISSES.

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Thank you,
CEO & Editor of GameMAG
[email protected]

All your base are belong to us. Have a great day.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Apr 28, 2003