Trivia Tuesday
This week's Trivia Tuesday comes from MobyGames' contributor Tracy Poff:
Popular games usually come in sets. Super Mario Bros. leads to Super Mario Bros. 2, and so on, until eventually you have a sprawling, 172-game franchise. But things don't go quite so smoothly.

Resident Evil 4 wasn't released until six years after Resident Evil 3, and during those years, there were many prototypes of the yet-to-be-released sequel. One of these was judged too different in gameplay, but had enough potential to be spun out into its own series: Devil May Cry.

Sometimes, potential sequels aren't split off because they're good enough to stand on their own, though. Six Pound Sledge Studios was developing Vinyl Goddess from Mars as a sequel to Epic's Jill of the Jungle. Epic wasn't happy with the quality of the game, so the developers published it on their own, as an unrelated game.

On the far side of the issue, some properties inspire fans to write their own games, without any official connections. MobyGames currently documents 253 fangames, from 1978's Star Trek up through 2014's Maverick Bird.
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