Fame Friday - The Vileyn0id Show!
Hey all - here's a brief, awesome Friday update with some of the neat things going on on MobyGames:

- A little late on this, but per אולג 小奥: "Congrats to vileyn0id_8088 for reaching the All-Time Top 100 Contributors List with [7044] points [ - ranked 96th] ! He is one of the two current Israelis with this achievement, and only one of the three in the history of MobyGames." Wow - nice going!

- As the forums noticed, by far the oddest 'this day in history' popped up, due to Abenteuer Europa, "a promotional game by the German party SPD to reach new voters for the election of the European Parliament in 1994." This means the SPD has a full profile & on this day in 1974: "Helmut Schmidt becomes Bundeskanzler (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany)." Not _entirely_ as we intended 'this day in history' for games, but.. yep!

- Otherwise, thanks to _everyone_ who's been adding games towards the iPad/iPhone/Android goal - some of the highlights through the last few days have been Game of Thrones Ascent (thx, MrMamen!), Sid Meier's Ace Patrol (woo, Patrick Bregger!), and CastleStorm (yay, Kabushi!)

More next week, folks!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1801) on May 17, 20145 comments