Fame (sorta) Friday - Some Brisk Updates!
Fine, it's the day after Friday, but you get the idea - time to update on some of the highlights of the week at MobyGames, as follows:

- We're still pushing on at quite a pace, with around 5,000 items (games, credits, tech specs, etc) approved this week from a multitude of key contributors - thanks to Sciere, JudgeDeadd, אולג小奥 and a number of others for their fine work. We are a _little_ behind on approvals overall, so bear with us - but it's not too bad (I think we were doing closer to 10k a week just after site relaunch, but some of that was backlog.)

- Another spot and excellent thread from אולג小奥 as follows: "Our Top 100 Contributor List welcomes its first Macao-born, Japanese-Portuguese member, Riki Hydao, a passionate submitter of rare Japanese covers, screenshots with humorous descriptions, and quality console new game entries." Congrats, Hydao! Again, please mention other milestones in forums and we'll post 'em up here!

- Lots of updates this week are notable, but another one I posted up on my Twitter just now because I dug it - FatherJack (who is our latest Approver btw, congrats to him!) added the 1987 Virgin game Election, which I thought is a neat example of a 'political game' from far before the time many people think about that type of thing as happening. Sounds like a bundle of laughs, too: "The hardest route is a clean campaign but taking the easy route of dirty tactics can work against you as the other politicians start a dirty campaign against you." Nice!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1792) on May 25, 20146 comments