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Silly trivia: The previous newsflash was our 300th. Yes, MobyGames is committed to keeping you informed about what goes on in the MobyGaming universe.

More silly trivia: MobyGames has over 18,000 individual screenshots, 45,000 developers, and almost 90,000 game credits. The last two numbers are significant in that our data integrity is holding strong -- there's no "sid meyer", "Sid Meier", "SCID MYER", etc -- it's all properly consolidated and categorized.

Last silly trivia for the day: Sid Meier was the 3rd developer ever entered into the system.

We've recevied a lot of great poll ideas recently, covering a wide range of subjects. This is great! Unfortunately, many of you are confusing a "poll" with a "survey", so we've had to edit the poll answers down significantly. Please, no more multi-paragraph answers to poll questions, okay? :-)
Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Oct 13, 2001