MobyGames News
We've rolled out a new release with some exciting new features. We've been working hard on our approval system to allow us to handle the increases in submissions more quickly and to allow us to delegate more of the approvals to you, our users. If you are interested in helping out with approvals, you can submit an appliciation here.

We've also added a portal for codes/cheats/hints and walkthroughs. If you are looking for codes, or want to contribute codes, you can do it at one of our new sites This once-buried information is now much quicker to access.

We've also added the MobyStore where you can buy console systems (including the xbox and gamecube) and Moby Merchandise.

There have also been several small changes here and there. One worth noting is that you now have the ability to add games to your have/want lists with one click from any game page. Look under the User Actions menu.
Submitted by Brian Hirt (10088) on Nov 06, 2001