MobyGames News
I have rolled out a new version of MobyGames with lots of exciting new stuff.

  • MobyGames is now taking submissions for two New Platforms Super NES and Sega Genesis. Two new websites, and will be coming online in the next few days.

  • Three new platforms are on the way; NES, Jaguar and Amiga! Start getting those entries ready.
  • Complete Credits Overhaul We have completely rewritten the credits data entry system to store more information and make entering the credits easier and more accurate. Here is a bullet list of the changes.
    • New step-by-step Interface with better usability and features.
    • Better name matching to prevent duplicate developers from being added to the database
    • Ability to group credits together
    • Games can now have credits for entities that are not people. (eg, companies, bands, stores, etc)
    • Ability to add supporting information for credits to help in the approval process.
    • New credits classifications, including a new heirachry for easier understanding.

  • Overhaul of approvals and approval notifications for better communication between users and approvers. See detailed information about your approvals from your account page.

  • Improved Developer Rap Sheet with more information and better layout.

  • Minimum score for Top Rated Games has been lowered from 4.0 to include more games in some of the smaller lists.

  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements.

  • Submitted by Brian Hirt (10087) on Jun 06, 2002