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Happy New Year! With the passing of yet another year, it's time for greetings and congratulations. But first, we have finally changed out the feature article, thanks (and with great apologies) to Mark Isaacson, who submitted an earlier form of the article over six months ago but due to various issues was not put up on the website until now. Thank you Mark! It is a great read of Sega's interesting history, from before they had consoles, through their console period, and now today -- back without consoles. It's great for lunch-time reading, so grab a sandwitch.

As 2002 draws to a close and MobyGames enters its fourth year online, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped turn MobyGames from a dream into a successful reality. From our fans who spread the word about the site, to the contributors who continuously put meat on our bones, to the loyal and faithful band of approvers who keep the data factually correct and valid... I can't thank you enough for turning a grandiose idea I had in 1998 into the living, breathing community supporting the world's truly most comprehensive gaming database framework.

Clearly, special thanks go to Brian and Dave, who deservedly get exponentially more props than myself. Without Brian's skillful coding (and, more importantly, schema, organization, and optimization), the site would simply not exist in a usable, scalable form. And while a latecomer to the MobyGames experience, Dave has more than once brought MobyGames back from the brink, with solid ideas that have dramatically increased our exposure and profitability (because, let's face it, money pays for the servers and bandwidth). MobyGames owes much more to Brian and Dave than anyone else because without their dedication and hard work, we simply wouldn't be where we are today.

As for 2003, I think it's safe to say that we can expect a lot more from MobyGames: More platforms, more features, more content, more value. And now that my other decade-long hobby obligation is over (cough-MindCandy-cough), I think you'll be seeing a lot more of me too. It's time for me to jump back up to the top of the Contributor's list :-)

When I envisioned the MobyGames concept back in 1998 (back then I was tentatively calling it "The Vault"), it was, like much of my other hobbyist projects at the time, something I wanted to do because 1. there was nothing out there like it, and 2. it could really help people. I think it is a testament to everyone's efforts that just last week I was searching for some obscure bit of trivia regarding a game, and for kicks I went to google first instead of Moby -- and not only did MobyGames show up in the search results, but it was the first link displayed (and did in fact contain the information I was looking for). If that doesn't spell success for the project, I don't know what does!
Submitted by Trixter (9126) on Dec 31, 2002