MobyGames News
I rolled out a new release of MobyGames which adds some new cool features and also fixes many minor bugs.
  • Related Websites for Developers: Game developers can can have related websites associated with them. They can be contributed on a Developers Rap Sheet. Each contributed site is worth one contribution point.

  • Overlays: Pictures of overlays can now be contributed for games. Overlays are those pieces of paper/plastic that went over a controller on older game systems. Overlays can be contributed for Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Intellivision, Vectrex and ColecoVision. Each contributed overlay is worth one contribution point.

  • Rating Systems: Ratings Systems (ESRB, USK, PEGI, etc) have been seperated from Tech-Info and now are contributed seperately and viewed seperately. Rating System submissions are worth one contribution point each. If you submitted Tech-Info and Rating Systems in the past, they will be spilt into seperate entries and, as a result, your contribution rating will increase.

  • New Top Contributors: Top Contributors has been rewritten to allow top contributors to be viewed by year, submission type or by both.

  • Contribution Points: The contribution points page of your account has been updated to give more detailed information about your contribution rating, and also give you the abilite to view points by year. For some types of items, you can also browse through the items you submitted.

  • Approval System Changes: Contribution points are updated immediately when items are approved. Additionally, your email notification will inform you of how many points you were awarded, and a description of how points are calculated.

  • Notable Bug Fix: Contribution Points were not being awarded for alternate company names, alternate game titles, featured games and polls. Each of these types now earn one contribution point each, with the exception of featured games which earn two. Points have been awarded retroactively, so many users, your contribition rating will increase. There was also an error in the way points were calculated for rating a game, as a result, your rating might increase if you have rated games.

  • Game sheet displays properly with the MobyDark theme

  • The 'Selected Shot' on the game sheet only displays screenshots for the selected platform.

Submitted by Brian Hirt (10087) on Apr 26, 2004