MobyGames News
Whew. The show is over. We had a blast. Our booth was much more interesting that last years show. Jim will be posting a video article shortly. We set up our area like a living room. A few gaming stations and plenty of bean bag chairs. We also were showing a large screen MobyGames video which Jim put together. We turned the video into a contest. Over two minutes we would show 35 or so screen shots. If people could guess which games we showed we would give them a free MobyGames t-shirt. Everybody who played got a free soda. Brian built a screen shot from Space Invaders strictly out of legos where one lego block equals one pixel. The entire thing weighs more than 50 pounds, stands over five feet high and consist of more than 8000 lego blocks. Yes. We will have pictures and Brian is putting up a project web site. Of course we met a ton of great people. Servo flew in from Boston. This show was such a success we are talking about doing trying to do Philly Classic. We'll keep you posted.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Aug 24, 2004