Did you know could turn off the ads on MobyGames?
So Brian and I are not huge fans of online advertising. With this latest release Brian has added the ability for people to turn off advertising on MobyGames. Banner ads, sky scraper ads and market place ads can be turned off. MobyGames is made possible by providing these ads, so we encourage you to leave them on if you can. We feel that people who help the project by contributing information should be rewarded. In order to turn off banner ads, you need to have a contribution rating of 500 points in the last year, and in order to turn off sky scraper ads, you need 1000 points in the last year. Anyone can turn off marketplace ads. Just edit your Account Preferences and disable ads. We are still experimenting so we may raise, lower or even entirely remove the thresholds at which you could disable ads. Ideally we would turn them off altogether, but of course we gotta pay the bills somehow. You could also make a donation and get a bright and shiny bronze star ( ) next to your name to show everyone you help support MobyGames.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Mar 27, 2005