1000 ZX Spectrum and counting.
We hit 1000 ZX Spectrum titles in the database. In a little under a year after the platform was added you managed on contributing over 1000 titles. The history of the Speccy is a little weird. Having grown up in the States we had little notion this popular personal computer really even existed. At one point frustrated Moby users even posted an online petition to "Persuade MobyGames.com to add the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer". Well in late 2004 we listened and added the platform. Now MobyGames hit the proud 1000 mark. All thanks to you. There are still a few platforms not yet supported. The Apple Macintosh is perhaps the most noteworthy undocumented system at present, although the Atari 8-bit family and BBC Micro are also absent. It takes a fair amount of research to design the necessary framework in the database for an additional system. If you are an expert MobyGames could use your help and your knowledge would greatly benefit gamers everywhere. Please drop us a note.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Nov 14, 2005