Now I am sure you have already read about the Sony DRM stuff. What amazes me is how undeniably dumb they were. I firmly believe in intellectual property rights. Heck MobyGames has taken close to seven years to build and costs quite a bit of money to run. Every once in a while some jerk comes along and tries to steal the data. Thankfully between a little legal help and the support of the MobyGames community they see the error of their ways. I also think Sony is a pretty good company. I used to work there. I still own a pitiful amount of their stock. I play their games. However someone really stepped in it when they thought it would be a good idea to steal someone else's IP, install spyware and a rootkit on their customers computers then try to hide the fact that they are doing anything bad. All I have to say is ... "wow".
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Nov 18, 2005