150 miles to Wal-Mart, half a tank of gas, wearing sunglasses and it's dark.
From Brian 3:30 AM CDT, "So after 150 miles of driving and 4 hours waiting in line, I was about 3 people short of getting the premium system, they sold out.

Not wanting to go home empty handed, I got one of the core systems. Kinda sucks, but I'm still really excited that I managed to get my hands on one. The line at Walmart easily got to 100 people, and would have been longer if there were more than 44 systems to sell. The 360 comes with a massive 200w external power adapter. The unit itself is also really heavy again. It didn't come with an s-video cable, just composite. I'll end up buying a wireless controller, hard drive and hd av cable and spend more than the 399 system in the process, but oh well. I don't really give a rats ass about the xbox live right now or the dvd remote.

They didn't have Gun or CoD2, which were both games I wanted -- I guess they are coming in over the weekend. I ended up getting Madden, Kameo and Perfect Dark. I played Kameo for about 15 minutes, and I've got to say, even over composite video, the graphics are pretty stunning.

Anyway, not much sleep for me tonight."

Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Nov 22, 2005