Wet, cold and Xbox 360less
Whether you think the shortages are real or fabricated there is not a Xbox 360 to be had for love or money today in Manhattan. It is completely miserable out. The weather report says raining, 42° F 10 mph winds gusting to 35mph. It felt quite a bit more inclimate trudging around NYC this morning. I am wet, cold and completely Xbox 360less. I must say I am a little disappointed in myself. I wasn't willing to wait around in lines for hours so by the time I typically showed up the it was mathematically impossible for me to get one. Best Buy closed their line at 3:30PM yesterday. Virgin sold out last night as well. I saw people waiting in line at 11:30PM last night for CompUSA which wouldn't open for another 8 hours or so. The J and R line was closed when I showed up this morning. Hopefully this is just some ploy of Microsoft and there is some container ship filled with millions of Xbox 360 just waiting out in international waters. Moments after the last news item airs about Xbox 360 shortages the ship US [email protected] registered out of Monrovia Liberia docks in the port of New York and floods the tri-state area with Xbox 360s. I can then go buy one like a civilized human being at the retailer of my choice. I guess Brian was playing his until 5AM. He called me this morning and basically laughed in my face.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Nov 22, 2005