Nokia Admits defeat
I am loath to announce any bad news about the video game industry. I think there is enough negativism out there. When Fatbabies was still spewing it's venom I was resistant to post their rumors and "stories". However Nokia has just announced that the N-Gage was not as successful as they had hoped. Nokia will stop developing the platform. Now this is just fancy corporate speak for "failure". I do have to hand it to Nokia. They made a decent run at it. The first iteration really blew. When Brian and I saw the thing at E3 we were like, "bleh". They had the guts to try again and the second version was a lot better. Yet people want to play game on their cell phones not place calls on their gaming handhelds. Nokia now admits this and has not focused its attention on entertainment software for its Series 60 phones. Good for them.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Nov 26, 2005