I think I killed it.
Sometime in late October I got Guitar Hero. After playing for a while I decided to leave my PS2 on thinking I would get right back to it. Believe it or not I do not play games as much as one would think helping run MobyGames. Well I didn't get back for a month or more. I guess I left the PS2 on this entire time and now the DVD laser refuses to track. The little guy boots up but every disk I put in gets a "Disk read error." I am not really surprised since I own the big clunky first rev PS2. Way back when there were reports of laser tracking problem. Heck I remember this guy I worked with would play Gran Turismo 3 for a while then put his PS2 in the freezer. I guess some of the early systems got hot and the laser stopped tracking. Xbox 360 owners take heart. Well figuring you cannot break what is already broken I decided to open up my system and see if I could fix it. Needless to say after 30 minutes I picked up all the pieces and threw the lot in the garbage. My question now is do I buy a replacement? There are a few games I am still interested in. However I think it may be a waste of money buying a system that is definitely in its last moments of life.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Dec 29, 2005