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Such slim lines...
I have to be like the last human on the planet who does not yet own a Xbox 360. I guess I am not passionate enough or refuse to dedicate the time necessary to purchase one. I also have not yet felt the need to pay a premium and get one off of Ebay. I do however stop into any electronics retailer I pass by to inquire whether they have any 360s in stock. This mean I must budget much more time when traveling to ... oh ... say my families house or a holiday party. Inevitably I will have to make three or four stops along the way. I finally decided to break down and replace my PS2 when I found myself playing one at a Best Buy for twenty minutes. I must say the slimline PS2 is quite attractive. I am tempted to open the bugger up and compare the guts to my old, broken first rev PS2. I do know Sony has been consolidating parts and streamlining the unit. Obviously there is some aesthetical motivation, but I am also sure there are serious economic factors at work. Microsoft may be able to lose billions of dollars forever. Yet I hope at some point they make a profit on the system itself and not some backhanded user tax like Windows.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1471) on Dec 31, 2005