I still feel a little wobbly.
I got my nose set today. You would think 4cc of clinical cocaine hcl would be a lot more fun. So my doctor sends me to one of the better cosmetic guys in Manhattan. They spend about 30 minutes numbing my face. The doctor soaks a cotton ball in the cocaine mixture and jams it up my nose as far as I will let him. He then lets it sit there for a few minutes. After my nose is all numb he takes a new cotton ball and jams it even further up my nose and basically repeats this process until cotton balls and scrapping on the underside of my eyeballs. He then take a syringe and injects some sort of local anesthetic right into the break in the inside of my nose.and into a couple of locations in my face. After letting me sit for a few minutes the doctor jams two little miniature crowbars up my nostrils and straightens the thing out. It didn't really hurt so much, but I must say the pressure and crunching sound were pretty unpleasant. After admiring his work and making a few corrections he slaps a little cast on my nose. The cast looks like the mother of all Biore nose strips. The cast stays on a week and in a month I am good as new. What a crummy week.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Jan 19, 2006