Part 2.
Dan Hsu, the editor of EGM, ranted about the sorry state on game reporting in one of his recent editorials. I have to give him credit on participating in the dialog. However in the preface to his latest interview with Peter Moore, some VP type at Microsoft, he writes, "[Peter Moore] seems to draw from an endless supply of energy whenever he talks to the press, which is good for him, because this interview is no walk in the park.... ". Dan then goes on to throw a typical softball interview with questions like, "What was your favorite launch game?". You can check out the interview on here. Saying you are going to be tough and being tough are two entirely different things. Now I have never met Dan Hsu. I'd like to. I think he would be an interesting guy to chat with. I love games. He seems to genuinely love games. It would be a great way to spend an afternoon.

The real shame is some of the best commentary on video games is coming from a comic strip that uses too many SAT words. Heck these random news posts are no better than that of a typical fanboy. I hate writing. I do love games and the mission here stays the same. We are going to document every single game on every platform ever made, even the crappy ones. I just wish there weren't so many.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Jan 21, 2006