So E3 is trying to get back to the "industry only" event it supposedly once was. To effect this change ESA is restricting attendance and requiring a more somber dress attire for exhibition personnel. Is E3 really responsible for the spectacle the expo has become? It could be the industry is now just really really big. It also could be that a lot of the people in charge of media relations and marketing are just plain dopey. I mean the exhibitors are ones determining how they exhibit. The scantily clad women didn't show up on their own. Someone at some publisher somewhere decided this half naked person would accomplish something for them and decided to hire em. I know a lot of complaints about E3 are from the "working press". They say it is hard to get their job done when they have to compete with ... horrors of horrors ... game fans. I for one like the show. I view it a little like a vacation. I meet up with a few people that I know, who I would not normally see. We have a few drinks, go to dinner. During the day we have a few meetings and play a lot of demos. Rob knows a ton of people and he spends a lot of time taking portraits to upload. All in all I like wallowing in all the juicy video gameness of it. I like the light and noise.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1471) on Jan 23, 2006