I think the Phantom joke is pretty much played out.
So Infinium Labs, the people who make … well … nothing, got a $5 million dollar funding commitment from Golden Gate Investors. Their lapboard idea is somewhat interesting. Playing first-person shooters is a sub par experience on a console system. The fluidity and precision of a keyboard and mouse cannot be matched on any console controller. Shooters on consoles compensate by some aiming assistance or generous target areas. Still the game play leaves something to be desired when compared to their PC brethren. Infinium promises that the lapboard will allow players to use a keyboard and mouse comfortably from the couch. Awesome. However the company is something like $57 million in the red and Xbox Live Arcade is going to eat their as of yet unlaunched gaming service for lunch. If I were Golden Gate I am not sure I would of thrown in another 5 mil to bring a cute gaming peripheral to market knowing that Mad Catz will be right behind them with a better product for probably less.
Submitted by nullnullnull (1492) on Jan 26, 2006