Ubisoft drops StarForce copy protection, more to come?
On Ubisoft's Heroes of Might & Magic V forum, a community manager announced that the company has decided to no longer incorporate the dubious StarForce copy protection in its products. StarForce has been under a lot of pressure lately, with customers complaining about corrupted disc drives and unstable systems. The software even stays present after uninstalling the game, and is hard to remove.

StarForce is going through a rough time. Recently, when Galactic Civilizations II was released and topped the American charts, without relying on copy protection, a StarForce administrator posted a torrent link to an illegal version of the game on the company's forum, with the message: Right now several thousands are downloading the pirated version from that web-site. Is it good for the sales? Unlikely. [sic] Good game surely would have the high sales rate even if it doesn't have any copy protection, but not because of that. Good protection is the tool, which increases the rate. The offending post was soon removed, but this move raged gamers worldwide, accusing StarForce of relying on mafia-style blackmail activities to run its business.

Ubisoft's move does not imply, however, that copy protection will disappear. Other, and hopefully less intrusive systems will be used. One of the reasons leading to this sudden move is probably the $5M class action suit Christopher Spence filed against Ubisoft for using Starforce DRM in their games.
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