"Videogame City" in Portugal
A group of investors is planning on creating a "Hollywood" of video games in the remote city of Portalegre, Portugal. The idea is to attract all national developers into a single place with the hope of establishing an industry in this country, with an history that includes at best five commercial titles, with the exception of mobile phone titles.

Historically, most developing teams come from only an handfull of countries (USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France and Germany). Would a more varied roll call of developers increase the variety of games, or most of them are already conditioned by their previous experiences, and wouldn't do anything new or groundbreaking? Other thing that has to be questioned is if the market nowadays is too hard and expensive to break into when compared to the times most modern developers were established. Times when two people could develop top selling games all by themselves in a few sleepless nights are long gone, and remain only as a dream of indy developers. Could XNA bring a bit of those years back?
Submitted by Luis Silva (13622) on Sep 28, 20066 comments